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January 17, 2019

Govenda Activity Tracking Augments Robust Reporting Capabilities

Govenda Activity Reporting Augments Robust Reporting Capabilities

Activity Tracking allows organizations to increase board engagement and monitor platform usage to drive better governance and improve board oversight.

PITTSBURGH, PA – January 17, 2019 (EIN Presswire)Govenda, an award-winning board portal provider, further strengthens reporting capabilities with its newest release, Activity Tracking. This second tool added to the Govenda Reporting Suite enhances the functionality of an already robust board portal software platform. This highly requested feature gives companies the ability to foster board member engagement and monitor platform usage.

Govenda Activity Tracking ensures a transparent approach to collaboration and reporting. “With the ability to track activity, administrators can easily foster engagement, enhance reporting on strategic decisions, and collaborate transparently with other admins and super users on key documents and activity,” says Marion Lewis, Govenda CEO.

The new Activity Tracking feature includes detailed activity logs that illustrate user and admin activity within the board portal. The easy to read table can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet and further enhanced for expanded reporting to auditors and other groups. Enhanced reporting fields include actions, item type, time frame, device type, and more.

This reporting feature will also help administrators collaborate more effectively on meeting minutes and agenda items. “For example, because Activity Tracking tracks annotations, changes to meeting minutes drafts, and agenda items, admins can now view who made changes and when changes were made to specific documents,” continues Marion Lewis. “Govenda’s rapidly growing reporting suite aims to improve board collaboration and data reporting to drive better governance and improve board oversight for organizations worldwide.”

About Govenda

Govenda is a boardroom empowerment platform built to streamline and innovate board administration, board member responsibilities, and board meeting best practices. Govenda was engineered with input from corporate governance professionals to enhance the way board meetings and preparation are experienced. Centered around security and collaboration, Govenda ensures a seamless and intuitive experience trusted by companies worldwide. For more information, please visit

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