January 7, 2022

Board Diversity Research Report: A Survey of Governance Professionals

77% of respondents believe that board diversity leads to better corporate performance.

Regulatory developments, scrutiny of board performance, and a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion are compelling companies to consider board diversity.

To gain insight into the impact of boardroom diversity, we commissioned a survey of governance professionals—including General Counsel and Corporate Secretaries.

boardroom-diversityThe survey, Boardroom Diversity: From Disclosure to Recruitment, presents statistics and data about all aspects of board diversity:

  • What information does your company disclose about its board?

  • Do investors ask about the diversity of your company’s board?

  • Do you think diversity helps boards perform better?

How to Increase Board Diversity

The survey goes beyond the statistics and includes practical, actionable insights from experienced governance professionals, in their own words. Here are just a few of their best practices for increasing board diversity:

  • “More frequent turnover at the board level.”

  • “Take a chance on appointing directors with non- traditional backgrounds. Look for experience/skills that are translatable to the corporate boardroom.”

  • “Education in unconscious bias.”

For more insights and information about governance professionals’ attitudes toward board diversity, download the research report.

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