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April 4, 2019

Building a Better Board Series: Board Evaluations, Alignment, and Retreats – Part 3

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Building a Better Board Series: Board Evaluations, Alignment, and Retreats – Part 3

Boards of every size participate in evaluations of board practices and individual director performance every year. But if you’re new to the board evaluation process or just looking to update your current best practices, there are a number of questions to consider: What are our desired objectives? Do we involve a third-party evaluation service? Should we plan a board retreat to help plan for the future?

Board evaluations add value to every stakeholder in an organization including directors, executives, and shareholders because they strengthen the way organizations operate and ultimately govern. In part 3 of the Govenda and Governance Partners Group webinar series, Building a Better Board, we answer all of your questions and more!

Topics for Board Evaluations, Alignment, and Retreats

Please join governance expert, President, and CEO of Governance Partners Group, Paul Marcela, as he explores the general principles of board evaluations, how to align objectives and results, and the importance of board retreats.

The Purpose of Corporate Governance Assessments
Identifying Key Assessment Objectives
General Principles for Conducting Board Evaluations
Evaluations for Different Board Types
Use of Third-Party Board Evaluation Services
Benefits of Board Retreats


Paul Marcela
Paul Marcela President, Governance Partners Group
Paul Marcela served as General Counsel and Secretary of two Cerberus Capital Management portfolio companies. Previously, he performed as Associate General Counsel and Assistant Secretary of Dow Corning Corporation.

Paul is now President of Governance Partners Group, a professional services firm that is exclusively devoted to providing outsourced Corporate Secretary services for companies that seek to outsource all or a portion of their Corporate Secretary functions.

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