November 23, 2020

Govenda's Year in Review 2020

A Product-Focused Look Back on the Year

2020 has been a whirlwind year we never expected. At Govenda, we went into 2020 with high hopes and lofty ambitions. We are fortunate that we were able to meet our goals and even give back to the governance community a bit through various programs. 

A global pandemic brought EVERY boardroom into a virtual space whether they were ready for it or not, and we knew we had a product that could keep our boards connected virtually while remaining secure. Our amazing engineering team worked tirelessly to expand and enhance the features of our robust board portal to make the transition to a virtual boardroom seamless. 

Here are just a few of the amazing product updates Govenda rolled out this year:

  • Full Integrated Video Conferencing
  • In-App Messaging
  • User Interface updates for eSignatures
  • A Redesigned Meeting Details Page
  • Added Meeting Minutes Functions
  • Agenda Functionality Updates

On top of all of those product enhancements, we were also listed in the Inc. 5000! This year has been record-breaking for us and our customers. We’re planning for nothing less in 2021!

Virtual Connection is as Secure as In-Person Board Meetings with Govenda’ Video Conferencing

Govenda launched its fully integrated Video Conferencing this year! Accessing your video information through Govenda provides an additional layer of security, which ensures your organization’s information is safe and prevents confusion around meeting logistics with all information hosted within BoardBookit.

With the rapid increase of telecommuting business and virtual workforces in 2020, Govenda quickly prioritized its video conferencing tool on its ambitious 2020 product roadmap. Govenda CEO Marion Lewis says, “Video conferencing has been the most requested feature we’ve had in 2020, so we are meeting that demand head-on. We are incredibly proud to be the first in the market to offer this feature. Our team has built an absolutely remarkable product.”

Jeanette Thomas, Govenda CTO shares, “with the sensitive information many boards are dealing with daily, we knew that we needed to expand our platform to include a secure, fully-integrated video-conferencing option. By integrating a video conferencing feature behind our board portal’s secure framework, we’ve effectively given our users a single space to communicate in that protects their information and prevents disastrous data leaks. We’re proud to expand our service offerings as a  truly modern governance solution.”


Stay Connected and Communicating with In-App Messaging

Govenda’s in-app messaging expands upon the existing Discussions feature and allows board members to communicate and collaborate with ease. Where the discussion feature allows users to collaborate around a specific piece of content, messaging will allow for conversations to continue separate from files. Users can choose to create private or group messages with other Govenda’s users directly.


Manage Secure eSignatures More Easily with Enhanced Focus on User Interface 

The eSignature update improved board administrators’ experience when adding signatures and other additional fields to documents. Gathering and storing signatures on important documents is hectic enough. Board Administrators shouldn’t have to fight with technology to gather eSignatures. Govenda has taken all of the fuss out of requesting board member’s signatures as well as securely storing them.

An Updated Meeting Details Page Brings All the Info to One Screen 

The meeting details page for a Govenda meeting got a facelift this year. The updates brought all of the pertinent information about your meeting to one central location. Quickly see times, materials, invite lists, and most importantly – video conferencing information. By streamlining the information shown on the meeting details page, we’ve eliminated the frustration and time wasted searching for relevant meeting information, the agenda, and tasks associated with the meeting! 


New Meeting Minutes Features Bring Signatures and Fresh Eyes! 

For boards that require meeting minutes to be formalized and signed, Govenda added the functionality of adding an eSignature to your meeting minutes. This update enables boards of directors to contain the processes to create, approve, and store meeting minutes securely within the security of the Govenda. To further eliminate the risk associated with emailing meeting minutes files, Govenda also allows boards to invite additional groups to view minutes without having access to the rest of the materials for that meeting. This is especially useful for groups such as auditors or outside consultants that you do not want to see all of the meeting materials, but simply have access to the Minutes.


Share Links in Meeting Agendas Easily

With the ability to add outside hyperlinks as agenda items for your meeting, boards can seamlessly pull up websites and videos without ever leaving the board portal. This functionality provides a secure experience from start to finish for your board members. It can even be used in conjunction with our presentation mode feature to ensure everyone is on the same page!


A Bright Future with Govenda Board Portal Software

Govenda board portal software prides itself on providing our customers with the functionality they just can’t achieve elsewhere. Our unlimited user model promotes the ultimate collaborative experience matched with a cost-effective solution. Govenda board portal software users also share the same experience across all devices with the latest release and updates on fully functional mobile applications.

In 2021, Govenda board portal software will continue to innovate with input from corporate governance professionals to enhance the way board meetings and preparation are experienced. Centered around security and collaboration, Govenda ensures a seamless and intuitive experience trusted by companies worldwide.

Are you interested in learning more about the award-winning Govenda board portal software? Let’s start the conversation today! 


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