April 7, 2021

Reimagining Board Governance

Upgrades and enhancements for stress-free meeting management

At Govenda, everything we do revolves around simplifying board meetings for our clients. Our board portal software is powerful and easy to use, with features that take the stress out of planning and managing board meetings.

Our goal is to provide the tools boards need to work better. There are a few ways we do that: one is by basically living and breathing corporate governance. We anticipate trends and deliver solutions to stay ahead of them.

Another way is to listen. LIke us, our clients are focused on effective board governance. When they tell us they need new tools to improve their board’s performance or give them back some time in their day, we listen. 

Then we get to work. Our team of developers and engineers takes our clients’ requests and makes it happen, whether it’s an improvement to an existing tool or creating a whole new feature (they LOVE a challenge).

That’s how our recent innovative upgrades happened. Our forecast of the future of board governance plus the invaluable insights from our clients inspired a robust redesign. The new features were designed to make our board governance software even more intuitive, and it’s already saving clients’ time. It’s advanced technology that we designed to be simple. 

Improved Board Management Tools for Improved Board Meetings

These upgrades focus on elements that affect and enhance virtually every aspect of board management.

Dashboards can be customized by each user, so everyone has exactly the information they need, organized the way that works best for them

The Dashboards tool of our upgrade

  • Includes upgrades to widgets, as well as some new widgets and functionality, which can be added using an easy pop-up. 
  • Makes it easy to pin a meeting directly to your dashboard, so you can monitor progress and action on specific items. 
  • Lets users monitor board member engagement right from their dashboards. You can pin a user and assess their 12-month activity and engagement from the last five meetings, plus remind them of what’s due. 

Agendas are the backbone of board meetings. Now, users can build agendas faster than ever, with new items automatically added to the end of the agenda. ‘

The Agenda tool of our upgrade 

  • Saves time by enabling bulk editing for converting to agenda items, turning numbering on and off, adding and editing presenters and contributors, deleting items, and so much
  • Makes it easy to insert new agenda items anywhere in your agenda.more. 
  • Easy-to-manage permissions, with conflict alerts and inherited permissions updated automatically. 

We redesigned our User Interface so you can customize it according to your personal preferences, starting with whether you want it to appear in dark theme or according to your browser setting, 

The User Interface of our upgrade 

  • Has new action buttons for tables. Users can select what records they want to modify, choose action buttons, and even modify some records in bulk. 
  • Includes enhanced filtering capabilities that show all the available options, and pop-ups that include all the information you need. 
  • Allows users to customize how many records they want to display on each page. 

The admin redesign of the Govenda board portal software includes enhanced tools that were created with one goal in mind: to enhance the admin tools and make users’ lives easier. 

Click here to schedule a quick demo, to see for yourself how much easier board management can be. 

About Govenda

Govenda is a board of directors’ relationship and compliance management platform that offers a suite of products to optimize board performance. With its new name, enhanced vision, and the addition of its new products in 2021, Govenda reflects a customer-driven focus on solutions that support and enable high-performing boards and address emerging corporate compliance needs. Named to the 2020 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company List, Govenda is female-founded and female-led and serves C-suite and corporate governance executives and board members who lead companies in healthcare/pharma, financial services, manufacturing, higher education, and other industries.


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