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Governance Guide for Budding Cannabis Boards

The cannabis industry is big business with legalization taking Canada’s economy by storm and sweeping across the United States at a rapid pace. Because there is little research on the market for recreational cannabis, the volatility and shifting marijuana market has created a sharp learning curve for the industry. The industry is also seeing a turnover from retail investors to institutional investors that has created a new reality for cannabis governance.

While the sky is the limit for the cannabis industry, good governance is essential to becoming a market leader.

Learn More About:

  • The Governance Needs of Each Sector of the Cannabis Industry
  • How to Create Better Boards for Cannabis Industries
  • The Importance of Diverse, Independent Directorship for Cannabis Governance
  • How to Properly Avoid Conflicts of Interest
  • How Board Portal Software Can Help Cannabis Boards Have Better Oversight and Risk Management for Cannabis Governance

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