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Ohana Real Estate Investors Revolutionizes Board Management


Executive Summary

Ohana, a 65-year-old family business, has made the full transition from a hotel operator to a completely functional family office with the help of Govenda. As the company was quickly growing and expanding, Ohana Real Estate Investors’ Board of Directors was managing communications, collaboration, and document storage on its own board website, which was both costly and ineffective. They soon realized the need for a board portal software to streamline board practices. Ohana soon decided to implement Govenda board portal software for an easy-to-use, intuitive, and secure solution for managing company communication, secure documentation, and exceptional customer care.

About Ohana Real Estate Investors

Ohana Real Estate Investors is a hospitality-focused investment and development company with a 65-year-old family history. The deep-rooted family business began in 2009 as Outrigger Enterprises Group, operating around 45 hotels throughout the Pacific basin. Since its inception, the lucrative investment business evolved into a multi-investment company. Although Ohana is no longer a single investor business, many of their principles and values stem from those early days.

The company is comprised of 35 family members which operate a portfolio of investments including real estate, stocks, bonds, private equity, and hedge funds. Ohana Real Estate Investors prides itself on their thoughtful approach. They are committed to serving the best interests of their investors and partners. They celebrate a culture that gives everyone a chance to be challenged, to achieve at the highest level, and to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Ohana’s Growth & Expansion

They recently made the transition from a hotel operator into a completely functional family office. The full transition is expected to be completed within the next few years. Ohana has relied on its active family council for twenty-five years, and also employs a professional outside Board of Directors.

A Necessary and Challenging Transition

This transition, although necessary, has created challenges:

  • Many companies struggle with a secure document storage plan. Ohana needed a common, secure platform for all company data and documentation.

  • Security was a top priority for Ohana. The external board and company needed a safe and secure platform for all sensitive information.
  • Board and company communication was also a priority when Ohana was in need of a board portal software. Due to communication difficulties Ohana developed its own board website, which they found was costly in both time and expense. They soon realized their need for a board portal software to help streamline this new aspect of their business.

Opportunity for Innovation

Ohana Real Estate Investor’s Board of Directors began the arduous task of researching board portal software companies. They narrowed their list of potential solutions down to three vendors, with Govenda as one of the finalists. Ohana’s Board of Directors felt the major difference between Govenda and the other companies was the uncomplicated, efficient, and easy-to-use platform that still maintained a high level of security.

In Kelly’s research, many of Govenda’s competitors also include a social media management platform, which Ohana did not require in a board portal Govenda’s intuitive and affordable software met all of Ohana’s Board of Directors’ needs. “These were two of the big selling points,” said Kelly. Govenda’s platform is also convenient since it can be used across many devices, which is helpful when members may be using a phone, a computer, or a tablet.

Prioritizing Security

Finding a safe and secure location for all company documents was also an essential requirement when choosing a board portal software. Ohana needed a software to store management, legal, and ownership documents for board and family reference. Kelly said security measures were a “huge consideration” when making the purchasing decision. It was critical that Ohana’s company documents were “absolutely secure.”

  • Govenda’s cloud-based security solution meets all of today’s stringent industry standards.

  • Customer data is encrypted in transit and at rest, keeping sensitive information in the hands of only those that should have access.
  • Kelly added, “we ran Govenda through our IT experts review and felt comfortable with it.” In addition, the management liked that it had the ability to turn off certain security permissions so that the information that is distributed remains consistent.

How Govenda Helped

Govenda’s easy-to-use common board portal platform was also an important consideration for company management. Kelly said management found that Govenda loaded easily, with simple navigation tools, and the ability to change and store documents. As the Chairman of the Board Charles Kelly says, “of course I do it all myself, so I know what I’m talking about. It’s terrific.”

Ohana Investments also felt that the functionality of Govenda’s app is truly intuitive. “They want to be able to log on easily and find their information quickly,” says Kelly. Govenda gave them this ability. Customer care and support were also very important to Ohana’s board when choosing a board portal software company.

The Govenda Customer Care team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. “Govenda is unbelievable in support. If I have a problem I get a call back immediately and the problem gets solved. I can’t say enough good things about that.”

Board Success Starts Here

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Govenda loaded easily, with simple navigation tools, and the ability to change and store documents. Of course I do it all myself so I know what I’m talking about. It’s terrific. Govenda is also unbelievable in support. If I have a question, I get a call back immediately and the problem gets solved. I can’t say enough good things about that.

Chairman of the Board

Ready for a Happier and More Productive Board?

Everyone from the executive leadership team to the board admin to the board members themselves will see the benefits of switching to Govenda. Govenda is designed with all of them in mind. It takes the frustration out of meeting management and board governance, for less stress and more smiles.

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