Working Together: Board Meeting Evolution Amid Covid-19

Govenda teamed up with Corporate Secretary to answer a pertinent question: How has Covid-19 affected the ways in which boards of directors engage with one another and the companies they serve?

The research study documents the survey results of more than 100 senior governance professionals. The survey gathered data on how the boards adapted their operations and communications during the crisis and details the boards’ assessment of the tech tools at their disposal. 

The findings in this special report will inform the general counsel, corporate secretaries, and other governance professionals seeking to benchmark the approach their boards have adopted during turbulent times. 

In this Research Study, Learn More About Covid-19’s Effect on:

  • Percentage of Face-to-Face Meetings
  • Changes in Frequency of Board Meetings
  • Cyber Risk of Remote Employees
  • Increased Reliance on Board Portal Features

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