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Private Directors Association (PDA) Enjoys Time-Savings and Increased Security


Executive Summary

PDA works to improve and support the corporate governance practices of privately held companies, with the goal of increasing their value. They needed a board management solution that would streamline processes and keep their confidential information secure. 

About PDA

The leading resource for private company governance, PDA connects business owners, CEOs, board members, and aspiring board members. They share their insights about the impact effective Boards of Directors have on an organization’s success.

A recognized leader in governance strategy, PDA provides comprehensive educational content for company leaders and board members alike. They advocate for excellence in the boardroom, in the form of effective boards of directors and governance practices.

The Challenge

PDA needed to save time during the meeting preparation process—creating presentation materials was very time consuming. And maintaining the board’s historic meeting records was also a challenge.

Prior to using Govenda, PDA used email, legacy products, and printed reports to circulate agendas and other meeting materials. These disparate methods made it hard for members to access all the information they needed to make informed board decisions. And they struggled ensuring the confidentiality of their information, as keeping track of all the printed documents proved difficult.

The Results

“There was no time” between when PDA started using Govenda and the date of their next scheduled board meeting. Thanks to the platform’s ease of use and ample training, the meeting was a success.

With Govenda, the resources needed to prepare for meetings are drastically reduced—the rich feature set ensures all the meeting management tasks  can be done within the platform. And board members save time, too, with quick and easy access to all the meeting information they need, from any device, anywhere. They can even view information from past meetings right in the app.

Overall, Govenda has helped PDA improve the efficiency of their board meeting processes, saving the admin and members time and ensuring good board governance.

Board members can access Govenda for info on meetings quickly and easily. And there’s no paper at meetings—it’s all in Govenda and stays there for future reference.

Larry Molinari | Board Chair, Private Directors Association (PDA)

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Ready for a Happier and More Productive Board?

Everyone from the executive leadership team to the board admin to the board members themselves will see the benefits of switching to Govenda. Govenda is designed with all of them in mind. It takes the frustration out of meeting management and board governance, for less stress and more smiles.

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