Built Better for Board Members

At Govenda®, we believe that happy and engaged board members are key to our customers’ success. So we built a platform focused on the board member experience—one that’s easy to use so they can focus on good governance.

Board Member Homepage

Board Members Can Find What They Need

With everything in one place, board members can see exactly what needs to be done. They have access to information with a single click—no more searching through email, file shares, papers, and outdated products. Resources are easily searchable, so board members can quickly find what they need.

Enabling Board Members

Tailored to the User
Saves Time

Easier, Safer Communication is Possible!

We offer a secure way for intra-board communication, focused around specific files or agenda items—making it easier to refer to. Discussions are preserved within the app and can be referenced in the future.


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Private & Group Messaging

Intra-Board Messaging, Right Within Your Portal

Easy communication improves collaboration and engagement between board members. And Govenda keeps messages in one secure location and out of the email inbox.

News & Announcements

See What You Need to See, Right When You Log On

Say goodbye to searching for relevant information. With Govenda, you'll log in and see new News items in your reading list, so you're always in the loop about company news.

Annotations (Private & Public)

Making Notes on Agenda Docs

Annotations—including highlighting, freehand writing, adding sticky notes, and more—make ideas easy to share. Board members can quickly access all annotations at the click of a button, even when working offline. 

Offline Access

Work Anywhere You Need

Users can download the agenda so they can access it on their devices on the go. Board members can read and/or work on it when they’re traveling, out of reach of a signal, or anywhere else Wi-Fi isn’t available.

Member Directory

Directory Search via Specialty or Role

Often, board members are external and may not know all the members or directors within the organization. With our handy directory, members can refer to other members’ personal information, including contact information, birthday, and more.

Document Repository

Searchable Resource Section

Not only is this repository easy to find and use, it’s also secure—it keeps sensitive files out of members’ inboxes. With folders and subfolders that are easily searchable by your entire team, you can add reference materials that all board members should have access to.


Our members are loving Govenda and feel so good that we're much more secure now.

Holly Quinn | DeVry University

Our day one board meeting went well and we had no complaints about Govenda. All members were able to get the materials or view the materials in the portal.

Doug Clinton | LifeWay Credit Union

Given the remote nature of my board members, this tool has proven indispensable! They receive alerts, notices, access to all documents, and meeting schedules, to any device.

Heather Clarke | Idaho State Civic Symphony

Ready for a Happier Board?

Govenda makes it easy for board members to see what they need to do, and gives them a simple, guided experience to get it done.