Meeting Prep Happens Every Day

Microsoft-enabled capabilities eliminate asynchronous workflows that compound inefficiencies. Do it all within Govenda and deliver more positive boardroom experiences.

Board Book Creation

Digitize Your Next Board Book!

A board book can be created within the Govenda® board portal, from start to finish. Many administrators dread last-minute changes and reorganizing the book multiple times before the meeting date, but a digital board book streamlines and simplifies the entire process.

Making Meeting Prep Easy

Always Up to Date
Works on Any Device
Saves You Time

A Portal Made for the Way You Work

Collaborate with confidence in the first Microsoft-enabled board portal that leverages synchronous, in-browser editing. 

Forget vulnerable plug-ins and makeshift collaborative spaces––centralize your workflows, eliminate liabilities, and drive better boardroom experiences.

Dynamic Document Linking

Link to Documents within Your Agenda or Meeting Minutes

Meeting preparation is much easier when board members don’t have to search for or access multiple platforms to find the right documents. With Govenda, all documents and additional information can be linked within the agenda or meeting minutes, to eliminate confusion and enhance the flow of the meeting.

RSVP Tracking

View Who has RSVP’d to Attend the Meeting

With Govenda, you can see who has RSVP'd to your meeting, and easily track and follow up with those who have not responded. Improved meeting attendance improves board performance.

We used to take days—and a number of employees—to put together a Board Pack. With Govenda, I can do it by myself in minutes.

Banele Nyamane | Eswatini Sugar Association

Having all the relevant Foundation and board-related information in one secure location, easily accessible from any device, saved everyone time.

Tonya Ehrenhaft | Robert R. McCormick Foundation


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