New Feature Spotlight: Gabii

AI Generated Document Summaries

Both board professionals and directors can make use of Gabii’s newest innovation: Document Summaries! A single click on Gabii converts lengthy documents into consise summaries. Adjust the level of detail to lengthen or shorten your generated summary ensuring that you are adequately prepared for your upcoming meetings.

New Features




Microsoft-Enabled Collaboration

Collaborate with confidence in the first Microsoft-enabled board portal that leverages synchronous, in-browser editing. 

Forget vulnerable plug-ins and makeshift collaborative spaces — centralize your workflows, eliminate liabilities, and drive better boardroom experiences.

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Gabii: AI Administrative Assistant

  • The first AI in Corporate Governance
  • Manage Administrative Tasks
  • Better Decision Making
  • Voice Accessibility
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Member Hierarchy Chart

Maintain and establish organizational hierarchy with greater efficiency. Check and review the hierarchy chart in seconds for absolute awareness.

Upcoming Releases

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AI Transcripts for
Meeting Minutes

Include Gabii in meetings to automatically transcribe meeting minutes into your preferred structure. Save time during your meeting cycle and create a stronger collection of data.


Expiring Term Notifications

Keep up to date with member term limits and stay compliant with regular term expiration alerts.

Gabii Release

Process Committee Charters with AI

  • Identify  Required Roles & Members
  • Assign Members
  • Schedule Meetings Based on Charter Requirements
  • Easily Monitor Compliance
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