New Feature Spotlight: Gabii™

Ask Gabii: Informative Answers to Document Queries

Get quick answers to document questions to:
• Gain understanding of the company’s outlook on critical issues
• Prevent the spread of misinformation
• Prepare for new rules and regulations
• Ensure that key information is in agendas and presentations

New Features

Gabii AI

Process Committee Charters with Gabii AI

• Identify Required Roles & Members
• Assign Members
• Schedule Meetings Based on Charter Requirements
• Easily Monitor Compliance

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Going Beyond Standard Search

Intelligent Search

Search keywords and concepts with Intelligent Search to find more relevant results including document source and page number. Reduce risk with Intelligent Search by restricting queries based on role and flagging sensitive topics.

Gabii AI

Draft Meeting Minutes with Gabii AI

Convert transcripts to meeting minutes in your favored format by inviting Gabii™ to meetings. This easy action saves immense time through post-meeting tasks and maintains security standards with scheduled transcript purge settings.

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