Customizable Board Questionnaires & Assessments

Our questionnaires can be used for any grouping of questions, from the simple to the complex—including Conflict of Interest, D&O questionnaires, board assessments, and CEO evaluations.

Options Make it Easy

End-to-End Survey Management

Govenda® surveys are a flexible replacement to paper surveys. Admins can customize fields so they work best for them. Surveys are easy to create, deploy, complete, and analyze, making the process less time consuming for both admins and members.

Assisting with Assessments

Easy to Customize
Quick to Create
Secure Responses
Automated Analysis & Reporting
Pre-Filled Responses

Simplified Questionnaire Creation at Your Fingertips

Board admins can clone the previous year’s survey, including the member’s name and other personal information, plus all the questions and answers. That means board members won't need to waste time re-doing surveys whose information hasn't changed. To make it even easier, our Customer Success team will help you build your questionnaires.

Survey Deployment

Send Surveys and Manage Responses

Admins can quickly send surveys to some or all board members, track responses, and send automatic reminders to encourage survey completion. And they can set permissions for who can see surveys and responses. 

Survey Analytics

Automate the Analysis and Reporting Processes

Turn questionnaire and survey results into effective visual insights and action points. Results can be customized to your preferences, including bar charts and pie charts, and easily added to presentations and reports. Survey analysis is automatic, simplifying the entire process. 

Easy-to-Use Templates

For D&O Questionnaires, Plus Conflict of Interest and Other Self-Assessments

We know which questionnaires and assessments are used nearly universally by boards, so we build them right into the system. Our software provides a great starting point, so you don't have to build from scratch. 

Govenda is a great board portal! Very user-friendly, easy to administer, and cost effective!

Mary Ann Cannon | NSPE

Our members are loving Govenda and feel so good that we're much more secure now.

Holly Quinn | DeVry University

As an admin, it was very easy to set up and make last-minute changes.

Rachael | Timberline Bank


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