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Govenda® Enables Board Success, Every Day.

Board success is more than just managing a few meetings a year. It’s complex: It's scheduling and minutes and agendas and surveys and approvals and voting and so much more.

Simple, yet Powerful

Happy and Engaged Board Members are the Key to Success

Our board member Net Promoter Score (NPS) is double the industry average! That's because we're built with the board member experience in mind. We exceed expectations by continuously checking in with our member advisory board, running surveys to determine which features would be most useful for them. 

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Manual Processes Made Better

Implementing Govenda is the best way to turn a cumbersome process into one that’s digital, simple, and coherent.

Pricing Plans for All Organizations

We Have a Plan That's Ideal for the Way You Work

Because our board portal pricing includes unlimited users, committees, and groups, you won’t pay to add more users down the line. Feel free to add a new user, or 10, without worrying about additional charges and fees.

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The customer service is phenomenal! Each time I have a concern or question, they respond within minutes. We like the product so much that we just signed a contract for another three years. I also love the confidentiality the portal provides.

Deanna Brammer | Bob Jones University

Govenda is a powerful tool for managing and supporting boards. It's easy to use and makes communication with members efficient.

Renee Griffin | Senior Services, Inc.

Govenda has made board management a lot easier now that I have everyone working on one system.

Karla Jones | The First National Bank of Ottawa

Ready for a More Productive Board?

Board management can be complicated. Govenda takes the stress out of the entire process, making it easy for admins and all stakeholders.