Draft Minutes
with Gabii AI

From the start of a meeting to the last word spoken, Gabii Minutes drafts accurate and unbiased meeting minutes. Gabii Minutes works with the Govenda platform by tracking attendance, agendas, motions, tasks, votes, and more to create a truly accurate and secure draft.

Drafting Process

Invite to Meetings
View & Search Transcripts
Draft Minutes from Templates
Purge Media and Transcripts

Save Time Drafting

Drafting minutes is a tedious process, but it can be much easier. Gabii will automatically transcribe your meetings and create an initial draft of minutes in your preferred format. This streamlined process minimizes the steps toward the final draft and ensures you'll never miss a motion, vote, or key insight.


Increase Meeting Engagement

Board professionals assigned to draft minutes often have priorities other than note-taking. With Gabii Minutes, they can focus on their main tasks during meetings, while a draft of the minutes is created simultaneously. This opportunity to delegate note-taking duties to Gabii Minutes boosts productivity and allows for more active participation during meetings.


Secure Records

Gabii Minutes is a secure AI solution that helps boards minimize risk and reach mandatory minutes requirements. For added security, schedule purge dates to permanently remove meeting transcripts.


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