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Our board software is exactly what you’re looking for—it's easy to use and increases efficiency.

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Make Your Board Admin and Members Happier and More Productive

Govenda® board management software adapts to your board’s specific needs. Instead of wasting time searching through emails, file shares, paper, and outdated products for the information they need, your board can focus on completing high-value tasks.

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Features for More Productive Boards

Secure Messaging

Unlike with emails, messages sent in your Govenda portal are completely safe and secure from any hacking or phishing attacks.

Easier Board Meetings

Access past meetings and minutes, vote on proposed meeting dates, show the results of a poll, and so much more.

Secure Document Management

Managing permissions is easy, so you can be sure everyone only sees the information they’re supposed to see.

Member Directory

Give your organization quick access to board member information, including names, birthdays, and more.

Why Govenda is the Better Choice

Our Board Success Software makes the entire board meeting process easier and more efficient, for admins and board members.

Govenda was the best value for money for our organisation. Together with ease of use and the excellent customer service, it was a simple business decision to make.

Rebecca Ryan | StreetGames UK

Govenda is a powerful tool for managing and supporting boards. It's easy to use and makes communication with members efficient.

Renee Griffin | Senior Services, Inc.

We used to take days—and a number of employees—to put together a Board Pack. With Govenda, I can do it by myself in minutes.

Banele Nyamane | Eswatini Sugar Association

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