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Gabii, The First AI Governance Tool

Gabii™, Govenda Artificial Board Intelligence Innovation, is the first AI created for governance management. Our AI transforms how corporate secretaries work in board portals—maximizing admin efficiency, improving decision-making, and reducing compliance risks.

Administrative Tasks

Get Gabii to do the tedious, repetitive work, like create meetings and track RSVPs – so you can focus on strategic initiatives.


Better Decision Making

Access and summarize relevant information faster to make more informed decisions.


Voice Accessibility

Speak directly to Gabii to ask questions and complete tasks.


The Latest Innovation

Ask Gabii

Get answers to document or agenda-related questions immediately. Ask Gabii to gain insight on rules and regulations, align teams on important issues,  analyze data, refresh knowledge on past statements, or expedite the process of external counsel and legal operations teams sifting through extensive documents.

Ask Gabii

Create & Manage Committee Charters

Upload charter documents to Gabii and save time creating and updating committees. Members are more prepared and engaged with onboarding materials and the charter document for their referral. Review requirements and ensure compliance.

Gabii Charters

Draft Meeting Minutes with Gabii AI

Invite Gabii™ to meetings and review transcripts. Convert transcripts to meeting minutes in your preferred format to save valuable time. After all desired actions are fulfilled, purge and delete transcripts for extra security.

Gabii Minutes


Document Summaries

Both board professionals and directors can make use of Gabii’s newest innovation: Document Summaries! Convert lengthy documents into concise summaries in a single click, saving you time summarizing and reading. Adjust the level of detail to lengthen or shorten your generated summary ensuring that you are adequately prepared for your upcoming meetings.

Gabii Summaries

Leading Innovation in Governance Management

Gabii™ is the first artificial intelligence assistant for board governance. Govenda is a leader in innovation for board management software, and Gabii strengthens our mission to equip corporate boards with the most advanced and intuitive technology.

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Software Security

Adhering to our enterprise-grade security measures, Gabii™ uses responsible AI-based technologies that respect user privacy and secure user data within the Govenda platform.

Security Overview

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