Mitigate Compliance Risks with Gabii Charters

Charters are the north star of every board but manually sifting through dozens of pages to locate compliance requirements is time-consuming. Gabii Charters analyzes the charter documents then rapidly extracts critical provisions and flags potential compliance issues.

Efficient Committee Setup
Stronger Compliance Mgmt.
Committee Member Prep

Seamless Charter Setup and Updates

Bypass the tedious charter setup and update tasks. Upload a charter and Gabii Charters will establish a committee filled with roles, scheduled meetings, and a full description. When there are changes to the charter document, simply upload a revised document and Gabii will create a new draft.


Satisfy Compliance Requirements

Gabii Charters makes it easy to manage required roles and meetings. View the requirements on one, unified board governance platform, and receive notifications when compliance is at risk.


Promote Readiness and Engagement

With the charter document readily accessible through Gabii Charters, committee members can easily refer to it during their meeting preparation. Board professionals can also see engagement insights for the charter document. 


Govenda’s unique ability to understand the needs of corporate governance combined with their AI-forward methodology will be the model for everyone else to follow.

Matt Janopaul | CFO, Fender Musical Instruments, Corp.


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