Get informative answers to document queries with Ask Gabii

Sifting through lengthy board documents to find one page or section is tedious. Ask Gabii simplifies the entire process through a refined AI search, without having to rely on external counsel or the open internet, allowing you to get accurate answers, fast. 

Improve Decision-Making
Power Up Legal Operations
Faster Board Awareness

Align on Important Topics Before the Meeting

Board members can Ask Gabii to search for specific topics in a presentation or agenda. If the search yields no results, board members can ask for more information before the meeting to make it more productive.


Encourage Board Members to Take an Active Role

Ask Gabii acts as a research assistant and helps board members dive deeper into the materials. Gain clarity on the company’s stance on specific issues, and receive quick answers to their questions, instead of waiting for a governance team member to respond.


Be Prepared for Rules and Regulations Changes

Legal and governance teams must search through past documents, agendas, and statements to ensure board compliance with new rules and regulations. With Ask Gabii, board professionals can access the historical information they need and allocate time to other priorities.



Manage the Spread of Misinformation

False information about the board or company can damage reputations and potentially impact revenue. If there is a discrepancy, board professionals can pull up a corresponding document in the Govenda platform and  Ask Gabii a question to find the answer.

Govenda has made board management a lot easier now that I have everyone working on one system.

Karla Jones | The First National Bank of Ottawa


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