Removing Frustration for Your IT Department

As the industry’s first fully cloud-based board management software, IT is part of our DNA. That’s why Govenda® is built to make life easier for your IT team.

Board Portal Software

Industry-Leading Security & Compliance

Govenda offers an uninterrupted onboarding process and secure technology platform that minimizes investment in organizational IT and security resources, saving you time and money. There's never a need for requirements gathering or a complex, expensive implementation plan.

Designed For Your Needs

There’s a lot for IT professionals to love about implementing Govenda’s software at their organization.


Because our system is cloud-based, there’s no hardware onsite and no IT resources are required to get it up and running.

Seamless Updates

Our team rolls out the updates, without the need for any IT intervention on your part and without down time for the users.


Comprehensive security features mean you never need to worry about the wrong person having access to something they shouldn’t. 

Works on Any Device

No matter what brand name or specific device your organization is accessing our software on, it will work—it’s as simple as that.

Benefits of Govenda for IT

We make your job easier by seamlessly sending updates and making users feel comfortable enough to do their tasks independently.

Our members are loving Govenda and feel so good that we're much more secure now.

Holly Quinn | DeVry University

We went from making paper packets for each member for several meetings each month to an electronic agenda with presentations attached.

Beth Grubbs | Regional Medical Center

Our day one board meeting went well and we had no complaints about Govenda. All members were able to get the materials or view the materials in the portal.

Doug Clinton | LifeWay Credit Union


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