Our Goal is Happier, More Productive
Board Members

The Govenda® Board Success Platform was specifically designed to make board members happier, meetings more productive, and the entire organization more efficient.

We’re Focused on Member Success

Our NPS from Board Members is Nearly 2x the Industry Average

Our Net Promoter Score is very high because we take board success very seriously. Our platform is built with the board member experience in mind, giving them access to everything they need, from any device, and making it easy for them to be more efficient and productive. 

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Technology Built for Board Members

Board members get an easy, guided experience, so they can keep track of what they need to do and have access to all the tools and information they need to do it.

Annotations (Public & Private)

Users can leave annotations in the form of highlighting, free hand drawing, and adding sticky notes, directly to agenda documents.

Member Dashboard

Member dashboards are the hub of their experience. They show each member’s to-do list, highlighting past-due items and keeping track of what’s upcoming.


Our board portal software makes it easy to collaborate and have discussions directly around an agenda item, whether you want it to be public or private.

Offline Access

Take your tasks with you wherever you go, even if there’s no Wi-Fi access.

News & Announcements

Members will see any new Board News items right when they log in, so they can stay in the loop with board information.

What You Can Expect with Govenda

We take the stress out of the board meeting process, making it easier for board members to succeed and saving them time.

Our day one board meeting went well and we had no complaints about Govenda. All members were able to get the materials or view the materials in the portal.

Doug Clinton | LifeWay Credit Union

Excellent tool, excellent company. Onboarding was phenomenal, ongoing training and support are top-notch, and feature development is continuous.

Darlene Sumida | CZS- Brookfield Zoo

Our members are loving Govenda and feel so good that we're much more secure now.

Holly Quinn | DeVry University


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