Unify Committees, Boost Productivity

Securely collaborate from a centralized, cloud-based platform with the latest software. The Committee Suite™ accelerates processes, reduces risks, and increases effective solutions.

Collaboration Spaces

Secure Committee Workrooms

Committee Suite reduces the risk by providing committee workrooms, temporary, secure workspaces that allow for free exchange of ideas and commenting on draft versions of documents. When the workroom’s purpose is complete, the workroom and all draft contents are permanently destroyed, significantly reducing the risks associated of the wrong information escaping the committee.

DOCUMENT Control & Safe Discussions

Centralize Your Documents & Communication

To do their best work, committees must be able to freely exchange ideas and draft documents. Committee Suite™ combines documentation and collaboration from a sole platform, effectively reducing risks and increasing member understanding.

Member Onboarding

New Members Contribute Faster

Committee Suite enables effective onboarding of new committee members by allowing the creation of a list of onboarding documents. And committee leaders can monitor the onboarding progress of members. Effective onboarding ensures that everyone on the committee is familiar with the charter and the important history of the committee on which they serve.


Tenure Tracking & Term Limits

A key tenet of good governance is to ensure that committee memberships don’t get stale—falling back on the same stable of ideas. To facilitate the right blend of experiences, Committee Suite™ allows customers to track each individual member’s tenure on a role-by-role basis over time. See all upcoming expiring terms in one screen, even in the largest and most complicated committee structures.

Committee Suite Two Ways

Committee Suite + Your Technology

Committee Suite™ is a standalone platform designed for committees, micro-boards, and workgroups. Instead of paying your board portal extra for your many committee and workgroup members, enjoy unlimited users at no extra cost and an intuitive modern experience with Govenda®.

Committee Suite + Board Success Platform

Enjoy the Committee Suite™ as it's own product or working with the full Govenda platform and all of our latest innovations in board management software including AI governance tools, integrations with Microsoft and Google, and more!

My team’s favorite feature of the software is really the simplicity of its use. It's intuitive and so easy to navigate.

Tonya Ehrenhaft | Robert R. McCormick Foundation

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