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Govenda Committee Suite™

Unlock Your Committee's Potential

Our committee management software helps board members, executives and committees with everything they need on a single, collaborative and secure platform for more effective stakeholder governance.

A Unified Platform For Committee Collaboration

Govenda's committee management software has everything you need to strengthen your committees, advisory boards, and task forces.

Collaboration Spaces
Tenure Tracking & Term Limits
Effective Onboarding
Unlimited Users
Collaboration Spaces

Secure Committee Workrooms

Committee Suite reduces the risk by providing committee workrooms, temporary, secure workspaces that allow for free exchange of ideas and commenting on draft versions of documents. When the workroom’s purpose is complete, the workroom and all draft contents are permanently destroyed, significantly reducing the risks associated of the wrong information escaping the committee.

Control draft documents and discussions

Centralize Your Documents & Communication

To do their best work, committees must be able to freely exchange ideas and create draft documents. However, this can expose the organization to risk and create versioning confusion if draft documents are floating around inboxes and network shares.

Member Onboarding

Help New Members Contribute Faster

Committee Suite enables effective onboarding of new committee members by allowing the creation of a list of onboarding documents. And committee leaders can monitor the onboarding progress of members. Effective onboarding ensures that everyone on the committee is familiar with the charter and the important history of the committee on which they serve.

Committee Tenure Tracking
keep your team refreshed

Tenure Tracking & Term Limits

A key tenet of good governance is to ensure that committee memberships don’t get stale—falling back on the same stable of ideas. To facilitate the right blend of experiences, Govenda Committee Suite allows customers to track each individual member’s tenure on a role-by-role basis over time. Committee Suite makes it easy to see all upcoming expiring terms in one screen, even in the largest and most complicated committee structures.



Industry-leading support and technology

Unlimited Training, Support & Updates

Support you can count on, 24/7/365. Enjoy a customized onboarding schedule with your assigned support specialist, and unlimited training so you can easily adapt to changing members, board sizes, or new committees at no extra charge.

Ready for Simpler Committee Work?