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The Board
Success Platform

Board management is complex enough—your tools shouldn’t add to the complexity. Govenda® removes all the frustration and roadblocks, so you can focus on good governance, and execute on your strategy.

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Workflow Capabilities

Go beyond board meetings with capabilities that enhance your workflows and don't get in the way. Microsoft365-enabled features remove vulnerabilities and inefficiencies for better boardroom experiences.

Board Success Starts Here

Built for All Devices

When we design a feature we design it for all devices, making it easy for everyone, no matter which device they use.

A Secure Place for all Things Board

Keep all your board materials in a single, secure place, instead of in email and file shares.

Unlimited Users, Groups, and Committees

Governance is complex and involves a lot of people. Add users with the click of a button and no additional fees.

We Help You Succeed

Personalized onboarding, 24/7/365 support, and unlimited training for board members and admins.

Enabling Good Governance

Good governance can be complicated, and it involves a lot of people and departments. The Govenda platform is designed with all of them in mind, with intuitive and easy-to-use features that make sense.

Why Govenda?

Govenda® Enables Board Success, Every Day.

Boards around the world rely on Govenda to meet the demands of modern corporate governance. With industry-leading customer support and innovative technologies that will support your growth for years to come.

Excellent tool, excellent company. Onboarding was phenomenal, ongoing training and support are top-notch, and feature development is continuous.

Darlene Sumida | CZS- Brookfield Zoo

Something Powerful

Learn how Govenda can help your board reach its full potential with superior technology and better governance.