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Latest Innovation

Gabii Charters: Create Committees with AI

Save time during committee creation and upkeep through Gabii AI. See that requirements are met for compliance and provide committee members with the resources they need to be engaged and prepared.

  • Create Committees from charter documents
  • Faster updates from charters
  • Onboarding charter documentation
  • Meet requirements on committee members, meetings, and training
Gabii Charters

Draft Meeting Minutes with Gabii AI

  • Invite Gabii™ to Meetings
  • Review Generated Transcripts
  • Draft Meeting Minutes from Format Settings
  • Schedule Transcript Purge Dates

Build meeting engagement, minutes productivity, and retain a secure environment with AI governance tools.

Gabii Minutes

Transforming Corporate Governance Through Innovation

Govenda® offers board professionals an intuitive experience with fast implementation to excel the future of corporate governance with industry-leading software.

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Meeting Workflow

Intuitive meeting features empower administrators to efficiently build forward agendas, record meeting minutes, and remove vulnerabilities to effectively reach strategic objectives and ensure better boardroom experiences.

Meeting Preparation

Microsoft-Enabled Collaboration

Collaborate with confidence in the first Microsoft-enabled board portal that leverages synchronous, in-browser editing. 

Forget vulnerable plug-ins and makeshift collaborative spaces — centralize your workflows, eliminate liabilities, and drive better boardroom experiences.

Microsoft 365 Capability

Board Success Starts Here

Built for All Devices

When we design a feature we design it for all devices, making it easy for everyone, no matter which device they use.

A Secure Place for all Things Board

Keep all your board materials in a single, secure place, instead of in email and file shares.

Unlimited Users, Groups, and Committees

Governance is complex and involves a lot of people. Add users with the click of a button and no additional fees.

We Help You Succeed

Personalized onboarding, 24/7/365 support, and unlimited training for board members and admins.

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Board Management Software Buyers' Guide

The demands on boards have never been greater. Board professionals need flexible and intelligent solutions that enable everyone to work together on a secure centralized platform.

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Enabling Good Governance

Good governance can be complicated, and it involves a lot of people and departments. The Govenda platform is designed with all of them in mind, with intuitive and easy-to-use features that make sense.

Why Govenda?

Govenda® Enables Board Success, Every Day.

Boards around the world rely on Govenda to meet the demands of modern corporate governance. With industry-leading customer support and innovative technologies that will support your growth for years to come.

Excellent tool, excellent company. Onboarding was phenomenal, ongoing training and support are top-notch, and feature development is continuous.

Darlene Sumida | CZS- Brookfield Zoo


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