February 8, 2024

AI & Board Governance: Questions to Ask

Scientists have been using Artificial Intelligence (AI) since the 1950s to develop various projects, including machine learning concepts and early autonomous driving cars. In recent times, a new type of AI called Generative AI (GenAI) has emerged. GenAI presents a unique opportunity for language professionals to harness the efficiency of AI in language, just as scientists have done with numbers for decades. To learn more about GenAI and board management platforms, below are some top questions to ask.


Data Security Questions:


What data is GenAI trained on?questions-ai-boards

Learn how prompts and data will be used and if they will interact with others’ data.


What data will GenAI access?

Consider if the data collected by a GenAI solution aligns with corporate data security policies, especially if it contains sensitive information.


How does GenAI interact with existing policies, guidelines, and frameworks?

Ensure that GenAI tools meet compliance requirements and tried and tested security policies.


Who will provide oversight of GenAI processes?

Designate a person or team to oversee GenAI usage, compliance, and risk management. Schedule regular check-ins with them.


What are current best practices?

Stay on top of regulatory developments and business use cases.


Vendor Questions


Are the prompts entered saved and used to train the AI model?

Understand whether your inputs and those of other users will affect the long-term capabilities of the GenAI tool.


Does this GenAI solution have access to my data and that of others?

Determine the exposure risk by learning how GenAI tools use company data.


What is your GenAI built on? Is there a connection to the open internet?

Understanding the difference between public and private GenAI is crucial for data security.


How will my data be protected?

Ensure contracts state a specific time duration data will be kept and understand the mechanisms that protect the data.


What type of security certifications does the vendor have?

Learn about the security certifications of the technologies and servers holding the data


ai-solutionsWhen learning about GenAI solutions, it is important to ask the right questions to align with corporate policies.


Learn how GenAI can help your board mitigate risks, work smarter and make better decisions here.



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