September 9, 2017

Board Meeting Presentation Mode

As the pioneer of modern board portal software, Govenda has optimized the software for streamlined and seamless board administration and management. One key feature of Govenda’s innovative platform is our Board Meeting Presentation Mode. With Board Meeting Presentation Mode, meetings and presentations are informative and organized.

On the Same Page

In the past, board administrators and board members had to manage and juggle hundreds to thousands of documents, PDFs, and board books. With Govenda board portal software, the organization of paper copies is outdated and antiquated. Govenda’s common document library houses all board materials so members have an easy and reliable access point for bylaws, policies, and archives. One central repository makes access simple and convenient for administrators and board members.

Optimized for Organization

With Govenda Meeting Presentation Mode asking board members to open a document or jump to a specific page is a thing of the past. Govenda presentation mode will help keep the board on the same page. Everyone in the board or committee meeting will be in sync, following along on their devices as board book documents are presented.

Administrators and presenters can easily open documents and change pages. Board members' screens will change simultaneously with the presenter’s. This functionality is also highlighted when using a projector for a presentation. Govenda Meeting Presentation Mode allows users to switch presenters with ease. Best of all, users can present and view from any supported device.

Any Device, Any Time, Anywhere Access

Govenda users can access the board portal from any device to read, annotate, and sign documents. This quick and easy access means users can open and read materials anywhere and anytime they have a few extra minutes to make notes in preparation for meetings. Members can then view their list of those notes during calls and meetings to make sure all questions, concerns, and comments are addressed.

Govenda, trusted by companies worldwide, is a board room empowerment platform designed to transform the way companies plan, create and manage board meetings AND the way board members experience them. Board meeting presentation mode is just one example of the tools that we innovate to better help you manage your boards efficiently. Schedule a demo to find out more.


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