February 16, 2017

Govenda Overview in 30 Seconds

Different by Design: A Govenda Overview

The Govenda innovative, intuitive, and secure board portal is different by design and function. We left out the confusing and overwhelming features and provided our users with one common platform for all of your corporate and board of director needs. Create and distribute online board books, schedule meetings, sign documents with e-signatures all through tablet and mobile phone apps. Our secure document library has three levels of administrative security to allow your unlimited user base to collaborate on groups and committees. The Govenda overview video details these features and more in 30 seconds.

Features at a Glance

A common platform allows for easy creation and distribution of online board books as shown in the Govenda overview video. With one-page board book creation that uses drag and drop technology to create agenda items, board books are created quickly and efficiently. Features such as multiple file-type upload, simple document replacement for last minute changes, the ability to add notes, and options for cover letters, page separators, and more make creating and maintaining board books a breeze.

With Govenda, scheduling meetings is no longer a tedious task. Create a full board meeting, standing committee meeting, or ad hoc committee in minutes within Govenda and sync it to your organization’s calendar with one click. When you’re not sure of your directors’ availability, but need to schedule a meeting, suggest dates/times and monitor their responses on a clean, easy to read dashboard.

The Approvals feature is perfect for those times when important decisions require sign off by board members outside of normal board meetings. Approvals can be used to upload any documents that require an electronic signature. This can include items such as stockholder distributions, equity grants or transfers, employee benefit adoption, and more.

Govenda, trusted by companies worldwide, is a board room empowerment platform designed to transform the way companies plan, create and manage board meetings AND the way board members experience them. Enjoy our Govenda Overview in 30 Seconds video? Schedule a demo to get started today.



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