August 30, 2018

Introduction to Board Meeting Minutes Best Practices

Minutes of Board of Directors and Board Committee meetings are very important and should be carefully prepared and managed.  Many corporate directors do not recognize the importance of the proper preparation of Board and Committee meeting minutes and, therefore, often do not focus on the skill set that is required for a Corporate Secretary to artfully record the proceedings of the Board of Directors and its Committees. Watch this webinar to learn about meeting minutes best practices for your next board of directors meeting.


Topics for Introduction to Board Meeting Minutes Best Practices

Join governance expert Paul Marcela as he discusses the best practices and considerations for corporate board meeting minutes, agendas and other written records. This is part 1 of a 2-part series.

1. Purposes of Meeting Minutes
2. Required Elements
3. Format Considerations
4. Style Suggestions
5. Protecting Attorney Client Privileged Communications
6. Executive Sessions


Paul Marcela
Paul Marcela President, Governance Partners Group
Paul Marcela served as General Counsel and Secretary of two Cerberus Capital Management portfolio companies. Previously, he performed as Associate General Counsel and Assistant Secretary of Dow Corning Corporation.


Paul is now President of Governance Partners Group, a professional services firm that is exclusively devoted to providing outsourced Corporate Secretary services for companies that seek to outsource all or a portion of their Corporate Secretary functions.


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