February 15, 2017

Govenda Announces Release of iPhone App

Focus on a Seamless Experience Across All Devices

PITTSBURGH, PA – February 15, 2017 (EIN Presswire)Govenda, a leading provider board portal solutions, announced today that it has released Govenda for iPhone, the fifth component of the Govenda platform which allows boards of directors to securely and conveniently access their board information.

The Govenda iPhone app is fully functional and provides all of the same features Govenda for iPad includes. The iPhone app allows Govenda to truly be the most portable board portal in the marketplace.

“Govenda recognized that the tablet market is shrinking as a result of better phone design and larger displays. Many consumers are now relying solely on their mobile phones to read news, shop, and even work. It made sense to provide our boards the ability to access their meeting information, board materials, and even approvals that require their signatures through their preferred device. Govenda for iPhone allows them this flexibility while still ensuring ironclad security,” says Govenda CEO, Marion Lewis. ”

The iPhone app builds upon Govenda’s vision of providing simple, quick access for board members to help increase their engagement. This increased engagement allows directors to serve their organizations by providing more valuable guidance. According to Ms. Lewis, “The Govenda iPhone app was a natural extension of our platform. Every development at Govenda begins by answering the question “Does this development further our vision” and without a doubt, the iPhone app will help directors across the globe stay better informed and connected for better leadership and governance.”

About Govenda

Govenda is the board portal solution that perfectly blends security, functionality, optimal user experience and affordability. Fast, intuitive and flexible, Govenda gives companies the control they require and support when they need it. Designed with input from corporate secretaries, administrators and board members to enhance board engagement, effectiveness and governance, Govenda is used by companies across the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. For more information, please visit www.Govenda.com.

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