November 30, 2017

Android Phone App Board Software Release

According to Google, mobile activity on smartphones and tablets accounts for a staggering 60 percent of digital media access in the U.S. This mobile-optimized digital revolution has modernized every aspect of our daily lives, including executing the responsibilities of being a board director. In and out of the board room, board members require instantaneous access to constantly changing board information often from their mobile devices. Android phone app board software was vital to supporting the mobile trend.

Mobile Phone vs Tablets

How do you read the news, manage your schedule, and communicate with others? Chances are many of those tasks are now done on your phone. A Pew survey released in June 2017, found that 85% of U.S. adults now get their news on a mobile device up from 72% in 2015 and 54% in 2013. Board directors are no different. Staying up to date on recent company news, upcoming board meeting materials, signing documents, and more can now all be done on any phone running iOS or Android software.

Leading the way in mobile innovation for board portal software, Govenda released a full-feature Android phone app board software to complement their robust mobile suite of board empowerment software. The existing suite already includes iPad and iPhone apps along with browser access for times when only a computer and monitor will do.

Unlike many other board portal phone apps, the Govenda Android phone app board software is fully functional and provides complete access both online and offline to all your board information. The Android phone app extends Govenda’s mobile capabilities to truly be the most portable board portal in the marketplace.

Device Flexibility Extended with Android Phone App Board Software

The benefits of having a full-featured Android phone app board software in addition to the Android tablet app along with iPad and iPhone apps aren’t limited to board directors. Companies often struggle to maintain security while providing simple access to their boards of directors. Often the decision to purchase devices for directors is made. The Android apps in addition to the iOS apps give companies significant choices. Choices are now in the dozens and open to multiple manufacturers. Prices range from $100 to $700.

According to Marion Lewis, CEO of Govenda, “The tablet market continues to shrink as a result of better phone design and larger displays, and many consumers are now relying solely on their mobile phones to read news, shop, and even work. Govenda’s iPhone app usage continues to grow rapidly, and it made sense to provide our boards who use Android phones the same ability to access their meeting information, board materials, and even approvals that require their signatures through their preferred device. Govenda for Android phone allows them this flexibility while still ensuring ironclad security.”


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