October 28, 2016

Behaviors That Are Sure to Derail Your Board Meetings

Board Meeting Issues Derail Board Meetings

Boards of directors and their board meetings are created and designed to help an organization establish corporate governance and oversee important business components such as organizational strategies, capital dividends, financial accuracy and others. Some boards are legally mandated, but even companies without a legal reason to have a board can benefit from creating a board. When properly formed, boards can provide levels of expertise that extend beyond internal resources. Additionally, board members often have a perspective that isn’t entrenched in the organizational politics. Their purpose is to make decisions solely in the interest of the company. Board meeting issues can derail that goal if not properly addressed.

Resolving Board Meeting Issues

Anyone who has been a board member, board liaison, or responsible for board meetings/communication knows, board member issues can occur are more common than we care to admit. If your board meeting is poorly managed, then you may have challenges ensuring all of the pressing issues are resolved. Directors who monopolize board meetings can also create board meeting issues when diverse options are overlooked. Lack of attendance is another board meeting issue that is sure to derail progress. Regardless of the type of board meeting issue, it is of vital importance to end these negative behaviors to have a healthy productive board that benefits your organization.

Experts agree that board meetings should encourage participation from all of the members and encourage dialogue. Learn how to minimize negative behaviors resulting in board meeting issues and conduct productive board meetings by downloading Top 3 Board Meeting Issues and How to Solve Them.

Board Meeting Issues Tips | Whitepaper Download

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