February 18, 2017

Board Portal Cost Savings

The decision to purchase board portal software to streamline board administrative duties and maximize investment can be confusing in today’s board portal landscape. Govenda makes your decision easy with our unparalleled return on investment. Investment in Govenda is 50-75% less than our board portal competitors and we pride ourselves on our intuitive platform.

That’s What We Call a Positive ROI

For a fairly large company or corporation the administrative duties to prepare for board and committee meetings is daunting. Preparation for a 12 person board of directors, with 8 different committees who meets more than 50 times a year can yield 20-30 hours of extra work per month for board administrators. Board administrators are tasked with planning and organizing those monthly meetings. It takes time to create, convert, and manage hundreds to thousands of pages of PDFs, maintain a constant stream of emails, and facilitate phone calls to finalize meeting dates and times. This time and cost does not include materials, printing, and shipping board books or the time investment by board and committee members. Last minute changes can often start this tedious process all over again.

Govenda’s easy to use and efficient online board portal is your answer to this costly and inefficient system. Quickly communicate with board and committee members, coordinate meetings, minutes, and agendas. You can also archive and share all relevant corporate documents all from a safe and secure, fully compliant hosting facility.

Unmatched Return on Investment

With Govenda, your company can save thousands of dollars annually compared to traditional portals and spend 50-75% less on our software. However, the productivity and efficiency of the board of directors is the true measure of company success. Govenda will increase your company’s investment and that’s what we call a positive ROI.

Govenda, trusted by companies worldwide, is a board room empowerment platform designed to transform the way companies plan, create and manage board meetings AND the way board members experience them. Schedule a demo to learn more today! 

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