February 16, 2017

Govenda Board Portal Explainer

It is easy to get lost in today’s vast landscape of board portal software. Govenda’s innovative and intuitive technology platform was created by boards to help and support your corporate board of directors. Our secure document library will keep your board, committees, and groups informed at three separate levels of administrative security. Communication and collaboration is also a breeze across all devices. The Board Portal Explainer video provides with you with a brief overview of how intuitive and innovated tools can help your Board of Directors.


Practical Tools, Effective Results

Govenda makes your job easier with our practical suite of board portal tools. Our software is designed for better, more usable board books with a rich suite of tools allowing you to read, annotate, print and email documents. Board book documents are always available and up to date. Access all board reference materials, committee folders, and more in our easily-navigable and searchable Documents and Resources section.

Communication and collaboration between board members, committees, and groups is effortless with Govenda. In your searchable directory, easily locate members of the board or other unique committees and groups. View their profiles, contact information, and more. Message individual board members, committees, or the entire board with the tap of a finger. Govenda documents and materials are also available offline for your convenience. You can review and annotate wherever you are — on a plane, traveling to areas without internet access, or when an internet connection fails. Your materials will automatically sync when you’re back online.

The efficiency of communication between board members, committees, and groups is important. Govenda’s Enterprise package makes collaboration even more simple, seamless, and streamlined with unlimited users. Our board portal competitors charge fees to add users to their platforms. At Govenda, we understand the importance of keeping your board informed. We don’t charge you any extra fees to add users to our platform when you purchase our Enterprise package.

Govenda, trusted by companies worldwide, is a board room empowerment platform designed to transform the way companies plan, create and manage board meetings AND the way board members experience them. After you finish watching the board portal explainer video, schedule a demo to learn more about how Govenda can help save you time and money.


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