September 25, 2014

Different By Design - Secure Board Portal Software

The board portal landscape is overflowing with different options for board of directors management. The Govenda innovative board portal platform will help you stand out from the crowd with our intuitive and easy to use secure board portal software. Govenda will give you the tools you need to get your job done quickly, securely, and efficiently. Your job is overwhelming enough, so we designed our software without any confusing features. Govenda is secure board portal software designed by boards for your board.

Seeing is Believing

Security is Govenda’s number one priority and you can be confident that your data is always protected, defended, and guarded. Our cloud-based technology solution meets all of today’s stringent industry standards. Rest assured, your data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Access to your data and files is limited to your users with three levels of administration security. Set your admins to have blanket access or committee access. Govenda also allows for documents and all other forms of communication to be limited to specific groups.

Limit your risk and expand the use of Govenda to multiple groups by keeping your sensitive information in the hands of only those that should have access. Govenda prides itself with the ease and usability of our software. Our ease of use and reliability eliminate the need for frequent support calls. If you do need assistance, our worldwide customer care support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Secure Board Portal Software Cost Savings

Limit Risk & Improve Security. Investment in Govenda is 50-75% less than our board portal competitors. Our customers are up and running in minutes rather than days or weeks and no IT resources are required to get up and running or to maintain Govenda. Schedule a demo today and change the way you manage your company’s corporate data and board of directors.


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