May 19, 2014

PowerLink Advisory Board Program Selects Govenda Secure Board Portal Platform

Govenda Partners With PowerLink : Secure Board Portal Will Be Component of PowerLink Advisory Boards Program

PITTSBURGH, PA – May 19, 2014Govenda, a secure board portal solution that helps companies streamline the process of creating and distributing material for board members, has formed a partnership with PowerLink, a nonprofit organization that provides advisory boards to advance women-owned businesses in Western Pennsylvania. Under the partnership, all PowerLink Advisory Boards will use the Govenda secure board portal to manage board communications and materials.

The PowerLink Advisory Board program matches established women-owned businesses with specially selected teams of advisors to help grow and expand their companies. PowerLink advisors are business professionals who volunteer their time and expertise for at least two years. PowerLink Advisory Board meetings are held quarterly and facilitated by a professional Advisory Board Manager who works closely with the business owner to ensure successful outcomes.

“The opportunity for us to use Govenda is huge, as it enables us to better manage multiple Advisory Boards using a common set of easy-to-use tools,” says Lee Ann Munger, PowerLink Director. “Since 1991 we have worked with more than 200 companies, managing their Advisory Boards using manual processes. Govenda gives us tools to more easily manage the ‘little big things,’ the administrative details that can have big impacts on board functions if they aren’t done well. Not only are we more efficient administering the boards, but the boards will work better for companies and for the board members. Since PowerLink will spend less time managing boards, this will free resources to build our capacity and provide advisory boards to more companies.”

Since January, two PowerLink Advisory Boards have used Govenda, and more boards are being added now. Govenda is used to schedule meetings, prepare board materials, and manage board communications, news and announcements. Board members access their information through an iPad app or a secure Web portal. Says Munger, “As a user of Govenda, I love the fact that they are constantly adding new capabilities and upgrading the product.”

“We are proud to be associated with PowerLink, and happy that Govenda can help improve the effectiveness of the Advisory Board Program,” said Marion Lewis, CEO of Govenda. “We appreciate the value of the services PowerLink provides to companies that are striving to grow and expand. With Govenda, companies in the Advisory Board program will get even better value from their boards, while PowerLink will be able to spend less time administering boards and more time providing high-impact advisory services to help more companies succeed.”

About PowerLink

Founded in Pittsburgh, PA, in 1991, PowerLink is a unique and proven resource for advancing women-owned businesses. In January 2013, PowerLink formed a strategic alliance with Seton Hill University’s E-Magnify, bringing together two of the Pittsburgh region’s strongest organizations dedicated to the growth of women entrepreneurs. The PowerLink Advisory Board Program is the core PowerLink program and provides women business owners with a high-level advisory board. These customized boards are comprised of volunteer business professionals who are carefully chosen to meet the specific needs of the company. For more information, visit

About Govenda

Govenda is the board portal solution that perfectly blends security, functionality, optimal user experience and affordability. Fast, intuitive and flexible, Govenda gives companies the control they require and support when they need it. Designed with input from corporate secretaries, administrators and board members to enhance board engagement, effectiveness and governance, Govenda is used by companies across the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. For more information, please visit

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