January 20, 2016

Microsoft Ends Support for Internet Explorer

Govenda Internet Explorer Support

Your Board Portal Security is Our Top Priority

At Govenda, security is our number one priority. How could it not be as leaders in corporate governance? Our customers entrust us with their most sensitive information. While we pride ourselves on being the most user-friendly board platform solution for both board members AND admins, we know that sometimes we need to sacrifice ease-of-use for security. Govenda Internet Explorer support is a top priority for us at Govenda.

Microsoft End of Support Notification

When we hear that one of the most widely used browsers is no longer being supported, we know we have a duty to pass that information on to our users. Internet Explorer versions 8, 9, and 10 are no longer being supported by Microsoft.

What does that mean to our customers? Well, Microsoft had been updating those browsers mainly to address any security issues that have come up. They will no longer be doing so.

Based on the notification from Microsoft, now is the time to take action and switch to a modern browser such as IE11 or Edge, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox if possible. We know change can be difficult, but this change can save you and your organization from potential security holes that would be inherent to the browser and are in no way related to Govenda.

If your IT department makes the browser call, give them a nudge and point them to this Microsoft End of Support article for Internet Explorer.

Govenda Internet Explorer Support

What do you do if your company has no plans to change internet browsers? At Govenda, ensuring you have full board portal functionality and Govenda Internet Explorer support (and all other types of support) is a top priority and we will do our best to keep you running on our software during that transition process.

We offer 24 hour support 7 days a week and are here to help. In addition, we have a robust self-service online help library filled with useful information to guide you through the Govenda application.

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