December 25, 2018

Govenda Board Portal Software Innovation Highlights 2018

 2018 was a year of innovation and achievement for Govenda board portal software. Our boardroom empowerment platform started 2018 with goals to enhance our board portal to further streamline board administration, board member responsibilities, and board meeting best practices. This year, the Govenda team launched a webinar series and gained numerous partnerships with governance entities around the world. In addition, we have expanded our board portal software platform to include Integrated Meeting Minutes, Voting, Discussions, and Attendance tracking.

Integrated Meeting Minutes

In 2018 Govenda released the Integrated Meeting Minutes feature, which is an enhanced version of our already useful tool. Integrated Meeting Minutes allows for all minute takers to import and record board meeting minutes directly in the Govenda platform.

board-meeting-preperationThe preparation and management of board meeting minutes is a key duty of corporate secretaries and board administrators. Artfully preparing meeting minutes includes extensive planning, copious note-taking, expedient drafting, and a careful review and finalization process. Govenda board portal software allows for an easy and more elegant experience for both administrators and users.

Administrators have the ability to import board meeting agendas into the board portal software platform or create a new agenda in the WYSIWYG text editor. Extensive formatting options allow for bulleted items, numbered lists, images, and hyperlinks. Minute takers can record board minutes and notes and organize for the finished product.

Govenda board portal software also allows for a collaborative experience with our Integrated Meeting Minutes Feature. Multiple people can review and edit minutes while Govenda keeps the version history. Administrators can send the finalized meeting minutes for approval electronically and securely purge all drafts and notes after directors have signed off on the final draft.

Enhanced Voting Technology

One of the Govenda board portal software goals is to place board management and governance in the hands of directors inside and outside of the boardroom. Our Enhanced Voting Technology gives directors the ability to make decisions any time, anywhere, and on any device.

publish-votesEmail voting has gained popularity with boards of directors but is since dubbed a security and legal risk. Govenda board portal software enhanced Voting makes global governance a joyful and delightful experience. Board administrators can create several types of voting options including checkboxes, radio buttons, text, and paragraph areas. Administrators can also require commentary on responses as optional or mandatory when answers necessitate a response.

Govenda board portal software Voting allows for ballots to be published, so they’re visible to all users, but be closed to voting. This permits users to see the results but presents any future changes to votes. Results reports are also at the hands of administrators. They have the ability to keep all results private or allow for full transparency. Results reports are fully adjustable by individual members, count, and percentage. All ballots are archived within Govenda board portal software and easily accessible by searching for the ballot name.

Collaborate with Govenda Discussions

Govenda board portal software understands the importance of uniting boards and organizations with the ability to collaborate. That’s why in 2018 we launched Discussions, which provides directors the ability to collaborate, clarify, and comment on board agenda items and documents in real-time. When boards can communicate through live discussions prior to and in between board meetings, it better prepares directors and allows them to provide more valuable governance.

member-collaborationDiscussions is fully integrated into the Govenda board portal platform with seamless features for administrators to align all board communication with their existing document and communication retention policies. This protects board privacy and defends against discoverability. Administrators can turn Discussions on and off, delete individual comments, and purge full collaboration sessions.

Govenda users can collaborate securely in our board portal software with a simple interface for easy reading and contribution. Comments update in real time with no need to refresh or synchronize. Discussions functions on all preferred devices including web, iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets and phones.

Tracking Board Attendance Matters

Board attendance is critical for director engagement, reaching quorums, effective governance, and business guidance. The latest release for Govenda board portal software is our exclusive Attendance. Attendance allows administrators to take attendance, view attendance records, and report group attendance director in the board portal software platform. Collecting attendance data is a key indicator to measure board performance.

Govenda administrators can import RSVPs from our proposed meeting feature or take attendance manually. Attendance types include in person, remotely, or via proxy for optimal engagement. Attendance works in direct relationship with our integrated meeting minutes feature by the ability to populate attendance directly into the agenda.

Attendance is just the beginning of Govenda’s board portal software new reporting enhancements. Attendance reports can be exported into spreadsheets by an individual, group or committee, meeting, or all users.


Without Security, It’s Meaningless

While creating seamless collaboration, easy decision making, and efficient reporting is important to our board portal software, security is always our top priority. We make sure your board materials and communication are secure through our tightly controlled infrastructure. Administrators have the ability to set granular permissions for almost anywhere within our board portal software including agenda items, document folders, polls, financials, and much more.

Rest assured, board data is stored in a state-of-the-art server environment with redundantly managed firewalls, SSAE-18 certification, and backup sites in disaster-neutral areas. We also offer Two-Factor Authentication which strengthens access security by requiring two methods to verify identity. But our security measures don’t stop there.

Govenda eSign offers military-grade encryption that is tamper evident. Once a document is signed and downloaded, administrators are provided with a permanently embedded legal audit trail that makes the signature on the document legally binding. Our eSign technology visibly invalidates a document if any changes are detected after signing.

Govenda board portal software also includes remote wiping capabilities incase a device is lost, stolen, or compromised. Boards can better mitigate risk and keep their sensitive information in the hands of only those that should have access.

A Bright Future with Govenda Board Portal Software

Govenda board portal software prides itself on providing our customers with the functionality they just can’t achieve elsewhere. Our unlimited user model promotes the ultimate collaborative experience matched with a cost-effective solution. Govenda board portal software users also share the same experience across all devices with the latest release and updates on fully functional mobile applications.

In 2019, Govenda board portal software will continue to innovate with input from corporate governance professionals to enhance the way board meetings and preparation are experienced. Centered around security and collaboration, Govenda ensures a seamless and intuitive experience trusted by companies worldwide.

Are you interested in learning more about the award-winning Govenda board portal software? Let’s start the conversation today! 

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