August 19, 2020

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda Templates | Build Better Agendas

Feature Rich Meeting Agendas

Govenda focuses on providing an unparalleled user experience in our board management software. One of the many ways we do this is through a robust meeting agenda. The agenda is the backbone of a productive meeting.  Productive, forward-looking meetings do not start when the meeting begins. They start weeks in advance with a pre-meeting preparation and a robust agenda. Govenda created each feature of the agenda with board members in mind to provide the best possible board portal experience and to empower productive, strategic meetings. 

Templates for Easy Agenda Building

Agenda templates can be leveraged to streamline the agenda building process. Agenda templates can be uploaded from a previous meeting or a word document. These template options allow for an agenda to be created in minutes with minimal effort. Agenda

Rich Formatting Options

Whether you use an agenda template or upload the agenda line by line, Govenda offers formatting options to get the most out of your meeting agenda. With formatting options like bold and italics text, and custom colors for agenda items, administrators can create a visually appealing document.

board-satisfactionAdditional Contributors

Relying on your team for their expertise is a given, but did you know you can also allow them to upload their own documents to an agenda? Govenda’s “additional contributors” feature will enable administrators to delegate the sourcing and uploading of documents to their owners without needing to chase down emails or worry about security issues. Administrators request documents from specific people through the Govenda platform to allow for input and version control. 


Content Sharing

Administrators can easily include all of the attachments they need for a productive board meeting. The attached documents open directly within the board portal.

Pro tip: Govenda discussions and annotations enable secure collaboration on agenda documents. 

Website URLs can also be included as agenda line items. These URL’s can be websites, videos, or any other link the board needs to share or discuss. Quickly share websites, videos, and any other necessary links without having to leave the board portal

Govenda Makes Your Meetings More Efficient and Productive

Govenda focuses on these features to create a streamlined experience for agenda building without sacrificing any functionality. With so many people scattered and meeting virtually, having all this in one place is just another small way to help meeting attendees stay prepared. Start a conversation today to experience Govenda’s secure, user-friendly board management software for yourself. 


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