July 21, 2014

Information Security and Board Portals

Cyber-Crime Awareness Highlights Need for Secure Board Portals

Well-publicized breaches of consumer credit information have heightened awareness of the risks of cyber-crime and raised the profile of information security issues both for executives and boards of directors. A recent PwC survey indicated that spending on IT security measures increased more than 50 percent in 2013. [Defending Yesterday: Key findings from The Global State of Information Security Survey 2014] We applaud this renewed focus on cybersecurity in IT budgets, the executive suite and in the board room emphasizing the need for secure board portals.

document-repositoryIn light of the growing interest in secure board portals at the board level – and since it is one of the first questions most new customers ask us – we thought we would outline the security measures built into Govenda. From the beginning, Govenda has been designed to incorporate best-practices in information security to ensure that our customers’ critical information is always protected.

Govenda secure board portals includes multiple layers of security at the server level – the computer hardware and software where Govenda applications are hosted –  and at the user application level on iPads, laptops and other mobile devices. All data transmitted to and from Govenda applications (on mobile devices, PCs and “in the cloud”) is encrypted using the same best-available technology that is used in corporate IT departments today.

Secure Board Portals: User Access Control

All security functions within Govenda are conducted within the Admin Center web console using up-to-date web browsers on standard PC or Apple computers supporting the latest security features. Central administrative control of both the web and mobile components of the system enable access control and user-defined permissions for content distribution and viewing. These features ensure that no one but designated board members, administrators, and other users have access to your information, not even Govenda employees.two-factor-authentication

Permissions and information access within Govenda is tied to individual users. Each user must present unique identifying credentials to access Govenda, and authentication policies require strong passwords. All user access to the portal is logged, creating an audit trail. Users can only access information directed to that user or the committees to which the user belongs.

Similarly, capabilities are managed by roles attached to specific users. Only designated administrators can grant or revoke member access, at any time. When access is revoked, data is also removed from a user’s iPad .

Secure Board Portals: Security of Servers

Govenda client applications are hosted in multiple geographically dispersed and highly secure data center facilities in the United States. The servers hosting Govenda customer applications are subject to security controls that comply with SSAE 16 industry standards (formerly SAS70), and all Govenda clients have access at any time to independent audit reports (SOC 1 and SOC 3) to satisfy their internal control and reporting requirements.board-portal-security

Of course, this is just an overview of the many security features built into Govenda. We welcome your questions about security, as we firmly believe that best-in-class security is a cornerstone for our long-term success serving non-profit and corporate boards.

For more information about Govenda, download our whitepaper or sign up for a demo with one of our specialists.

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