January 16, 2018

Planning a Paperless Board Meeting

According to The Paperless Project, the world produces more than 300 million tons of paper with the United States and Canada being the largest of these producers. The U.S. alone uses more than 68 million trees to produce paper and paper products. That results in over 26 million tons of waste! Govenda makes it a priority to do its part in lowering these numbers and eliminate paper use by creating a paperless board meeting.

Paperless Board Meeting Benefits

digital-legal-documentsIt can be expensive to prepare for board meetings. By having a physical paper system, companies must purchase more material than needed. Besides the paper itself, companies are purchasing printers, ink, and ways to store and organize paper documents such as binders and filing cabinets. With Govenda board portal software, board meetings save on these unnecessary purchases.

Govenda was designed to be delivered from a common platform allowing it to be provided to customers for much less than comparable board portals. With a simple purchasing plan, companies can experience how Govenda provides best-in-industry return on investment.

By making the paperless transition with Govenda, your board meeting cannot only save money but also time. The Paper Project predicts that the typical employee takes 30-40% of their time looking for information in either their email or filing cabinets. Govenda board portal software streamlines all functions associated with managing a board of directors by providing easy storage, simplicity, and high accessibility by all users. With all board meeting needs in one place, employees no longer have to waste time searching.

Secure More With Less

When transferring to digital, some may voice  concerns for the security of their documents. Paper can expose organizations to liability issues due to lack of security and a higher chance of losing paperwork. Govenda’s tightly controlled, certified infrastructure can ensure that all vital information is protected.

secure-documentsGovenda software also provides settings that allow documents and other forms of communication to be limited to specific groups. Instead of worrying about vital information landing in the wrong hands, board meeting admins can un-publish or delete material at any time.

Make Your Board Meeting Paperless

For more information on how Govenda can help your board meeting transition to paperless, sign up today for a free demo.


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