March 4, 2020

The Technology Partners that Make Us Great

The current digital era in business has opened up unprecedented opportunities for growth. Thanks to some of our top technology partners, Govenda has seen tremendous success with these opportunities. “More and more, such companies are looking to third-party partners to help: 48 percent of CEOs surveyed by Frost & Sullivan identifies strategic partnerships as their top technology strategy,” from CompuCom’s article on technology partners. 

 As a technology partner for corporate governance, we take our own technology partners very seriously. Our integrations with other software and services are all top-notch, industry leaders. Partnering with the best enables Govenda to be an industry-leader in board portals. 


One Span: E-Signatures

e-signA critical part of managing and enacting a corporation’s governance practices involves gathering and storing document signatures. These signatures enable business to occur between meetings through Unanimous Written Consent, approval of minutes, and other important governance processes. For years this legally-binding process was handled with physical pen and paper. Even when boards first began to embrace technology, this was still a manual process that involved the document being scanned and uploaded for storage digitally. As businesses operate in a nearly entirely digital world, it is critical that signatures can also be done digitally. 

Govenda partnered with OneSpan to support our E-Signature feature from the beginning. OneSpan is an award-winning platform that “specialize(s) in digital identity and anti-fraud solutions that create exceptional and secure experiences.” 

“Instead of creating our own digital signing tool, we knew that partnering with an expert on the legal workings, nuances, and ongoing education about digital signatures and their security was imperative,” according to Jeanette Thomas, CTO. 

Lesson: Beware of board portals that create their own digital signature feature. Ensure that your board portal is doing more than placing an image or annotation of a signature on a document with a date and time stamp. 

Twilio: Two-Factor Authentication

Boards are inundated with sensitive information forcing them to be vigilant concerning their cyber-security. As two-factor authentication (2FA) quickly becomes a security standard, it was an obvious partnership opportunity to offer that service to secure-board-technologyour clients. The added layer of security with two-factor authentication “increases the safety of online accounts by requiring two types of information from the user, such as a password or PIN, an email account, an ATM card or fingerprint, before the user can log in.” (Investopedia)  Security experts across industries are recommending enabling 2FA wherever possible.

Govenda partnered with Twilio for two-factor authentication because they understand how valuable our customer’s accounts are. Our dedication to security is unparalleled in the board portal industry, and two-factor authentication is just one of the ways we protect your data. 

Lesson: Less expensive board portals can seem “simple”, but they often lack functionality that mitigates risk and increases security. When vetting the right board portal for your company, be sure that two-factor authentication is an option you have and can configure to match your corporate policies. 

Okta: Single Sign-on

Single-sign on (SSO) is often implemented in companies to secure and manage the many accounts their employees’ access on a daily basis. Govenda proudly partners with OKTA, a leader in identity management services, to aid our customers in their security management protocols. While we are able to do this with any SAML-based  (the preferred protocol for SSO) single sign-on platform, Okta was the first we collaborated with to create an official app

Lesson: Find a platform that has tools that will enhance your current governance and security processes, not force you to mold to their tool. 

Do You Have the Right Technology Partners in Your Corner?

Using strong, industry-leading, and award-winning technology partners enables us to offer the best product possible to our customers. Supplying the best board portal available empowers our clients to implement efficient governance practices. Let’s start the conversation and see if Govenda is right to be your governance technology partner.

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