January 30, 2019

Building a Better Board Series: Board Composition - Part 1

Boards of directors are increasingly focused on improving board diversity for several years.  This focus includes broadening the composition of boards of directors with respect to gender, ethnic and racial backgrounds of board members as well as specific industry knowledge, skills, and age. Including diversity in a board’s composition plan enhances its ability to oversee the management of the organization.

In addition to board structure and diversity, this webinar discusses the issue of independent directorships and considerations for building the most effective board for your organization.


Topics for Building a Better Board – Part 1 Webinar

Please join Paul Marcela, President of Governance Partners Group, as he discusses board composition including structure, diversification concepts, and independent directorships. He will discuss best practices with respect to each of these issues in today’s highly charged corporate governance environment. This is part 1 of a 3 part series regarding board composition, evaluation, and assessments.

Board Composition Overview
Best Practices for Properly Composing Your Board
Board Size, Structure and Skill Mix Recommendations
Diversity and Your Board Composition
Age & Tenure of Board Members
Importance of Independent Directorship


Paul Marcela
Paul Marcela President, Governance Partners Group
Paul Marcela served as General Counsel and Secretary of two Cerberus Capital Management portfolio companies. Previously, he performed as Associate General Counsel and Assistant Secretary of Dow Corning Corporation.


Paul is now President of Governance Partners Group, a professional services firm that is exclusively devoted to providing outsourced Corporate Secretary services for companies that seek to outsource all or a portion of their Corporate Secretary functions.


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