December 20, 2016

Govenda Experiences Record Growth in 2016

Paid Subscriber Base Doubles

PITTSBURGH, PA – December 19, 2018 (EIN Presswire)Govenda announced today that it has surpassed its projected growth goals for 2016, nearly doubling its subscriber base. Govenda’s CEO, Marion Lewis, attributes this growth to three things – heavy development initiatives that resulted in several new features including unanimous written consent and e-signature, an intense focus on marketing, and customer evangelists.

Govenda’s approach to distributing its technology, which relies on a common platform, allows for an aggressive development schedule that is heavily influenced by customer and market feedback. It’s this model, coupled with a laser focus on customer experience and satisfaction, that has given Govenda plenty to market and has made strong allies of its customers.

“Govenda was started with the idea that technology should be the enabler of board excellence and efficiency, with an intuitive user experience that allows board members to engage and contribute more easily. The technology should be so reliable and easy to use that it is second nature for our users,” says Govenda CEO, Marion Lewis.” ”Customer feedback and a 97% retention rate validates that we’ve accomplished our goal.”

In addition to doubling their paid subscriber base, Govenda’s other major initiative this year was to offer their board portal software to qualifying non-profits at significant discounts, and in many cases at no cost. According to Ms. Lewis, “We are proud that Govenda is the board portal of choice for organizations of all size, from the Fortune 1000 down to not-for-profits. We look forward to developing our robust product roadmap and expanding our customer base even further in 2017.”

About Govenda

Govenda is the board portal solution that perfectly blends security, functionality, optimal user experience and affordability. Fast, intuitive and flexible, Govenda gives companies the control they require and support when they need it. Designed with input from corporate secretaries, administrators and board members to enhance board engagement, effectiveness and governance, Govenda is used by companies across the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. For more information, please visit

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