September 2, 2020

Building Board Efficiency with Task Management

Boards of Directors and their admin staff are inundated with decisions to make and mental to-do lists to accomplish. These items can be overwhelming or occasionally get lost in the shuffle of the director’s busy lives. Delegating tasks and employing a task management tool can solve these issues before they even arise. 

Govenda’s board management software has the tools you need to keep track of board tasks. The task management feature was built as a solution for governance professionals to manage and distribute pertinent tasks within the platform. Task Management will dramatically increase productivity for board administrators, corporate secretaries, and general counsel. 

Stay on Track with Board Task Deadlines and Notifications

member-dashboardGovenda’s task management feature keeps your board on top of their various tasks and goals. Tasks can be assigned to specific board members with a defined deadline to ensure that everyone is on the same page with what needs to be accomplished.

Board members can also be sent notifications about upcoming or overdue tasks directly from the system, decreasing how often administrators may need to chase down input or other tasks. Pending tasks are shown on the dashboard always to keep projects top of mind. Individuals assigned tasks can share the task status by marking the project as completed when finished. 

Assigning Tasks For Every Stage of a Board Meeting

Preparing for a board meeting can entail gathering information from a variety of sources. Assigning those deliverables as tasks lends clarity to the conversations around those items and their deadlines. When an action item is identified that the board wants to ensure isn’t forgotten during the meeting, it can easily and quickly be made into a task. After the board meeting, agenda items can easily be turned into action items or tasks. Creating this task list will ease the strain of reminders and follow-up on the board. 

Task Groups for Project Planning 

Task groups are great for more extensive, long-term projects. By assigning different aspects of the project to varying people, the workload is shared without the possibility of someone forgetting to do their part. Group tasks are also given a progress bar. As tasks in the group are completed, users can see at a glance how far along the project is. 

How Govenda Supports Efficient Board Meetings

Govenda’s board portal software ensures your organization has a complete ecosystem to securely and efficiently set up board meetings,  communicate consistently with leadership, and follow up after meetings. Govenda provides the security your board needs to prevent information from leaking. Having a fully contained platform will reduce your board’s reliance on non-secure texts and emails and ensure that critical video conference information is shared securely. The right technology partner enables your corporate leadership to remain hyper-focused on the organization’s needs. 

govenda-board-portalPartnering with Govenda enables organizations to streamline and secure their virtual board meeting practices.

Schedule a personalized demo today to learn more about how Govenda can support your organization.  

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