September 19, 2019

Govenda Enhances User Experience Yet Again

PITTSBURGH, PA – September 2019 (EIN Presswire) – Govenda, an award-winning board portal provider, further demonstrates their commitment to continuous growth and enhancement by adding new user experience upgrades to the platform. By constantly innovating the board portal solution, Govenda confirms their dedication to having the best possible product for their clients.

Govenda CEO, Marion Lewis comments, “Govenda experienced a record-breaking year of growth in 2018. Rather than stopping to bask in that glory, the company is full-steam ahead on making Govenda board portal software the absolute best in the market.”

This round of improvements focuses heavily on the user experience and includes contributor access, multi-day meetings, and enhanced agenda building. “Some of the enhancements Govenda is rolling out right now are among the most common requests received in client training and support,” says Govenda Customer Success Specialist, Crystal Bernens.

Govenda is committed to the ease of use of their product and thus has already reworked their support channels to include and explain these features. Their stunningly responsive support is also ready to train on all of these new features and ensure that your board is comfortable utilizing them. Today’s governance is more complex than ever and demands a technology partner nimble enough to address those challenges. Govenda strives to be the agile and innovative answer to that demand. 


About Govenda

Govenda is a secure board portal software, architected by corporate governance professionals to transform the way companies engage and collaborate with their board. By providing a unified solution for preparing and managing board meetings, file sharing, electronic voting, eSignatures and more, companies increase efficiency and save time. Trusted by more than 10,000 board members worldwide, Govenda ensures a streamlined and persistent partnership between organization executives and their board of directors. For more information, please visit

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