January 15, 2020

2019: Govenda in Review

2019 was a year of innovation and achievement for Govenda board portal software. Our board portal went into 2019 with goals to enhance our board portal to further streamline board administration, make board member responsibilities easier to achieve, and further enable board meeting best practices.

This year, the Govenda team honed in on what our customers have been asking for and how to do it in the most user-friendly fashion possible. Here’s a list of some of what we rolled out:about-govenda

  • Additional Contributors to Agendas

  • Audit Logs

  • Meeting and Agenda Cloning

  • Surveys 

  • Multi-day Meetings

  • Task Management

  • New Agenda Building Functionality

  • Shared Annotations

 With all of those additions, it looks like 2019 should be considered the year of board portal enhancements! And, our engineering team is the 2019 MVP!

Collaboratively Build Agendas with Additional Contributors 

Govenda is constantly considering how to make your board processes more efficient. One of the toughest challenges is coordinating the many reports from different departments, individuals, or consultants for the actual board book. Govenda’s contributor feature allows administrators the ability to request these documents through the platform while allowing the contributor to submit their report by dragging and dropping to a secure page. The best part is that contributors don’t require a login and won’t have access to any additional information.

Track Everything and Be Audit Ready with Audit Logs

activity-trackingGovenda customers can now manage and track all activity within the board portal to help ensure proper governance practices. Stay compliant and prove compliance by pulling reports on publishing dates, deletion policies, attendance requirements, and any other item. 

Our activity reports also help foster engagement when onboarding new members and by allowing senior leadership access (if granted) to understand what items the board is focused on. As always, this feature can be turned on/off and its history managed with a simple toggle switch.


Our Survey feature has allowed Govenda to consolidate another often disparate piece of technology (or paper) used for board management into our platform. Govenda customers can use this feature to manage D&O Questionnaires, Board Assessments, CEO Evaluations, and other critical governance functions. 

Govenda has built-in templates for many of these questionnaires that can be used or modified and companies can build their own as well. Other features to help this process include integrated SEC definitions, ability to build custom glossaries, pre-population from year to year, and export of all surveys.

“Surveys not only allows for seamless creation of complex governance assessments including D&O questionnaires, but it also provides an easy experience for organizing compliance data,” says Govenda CEO, Marion Lewis. “Corporate secretaries and general counsel will find it easy to build questionnaires using multiple question and answer styles as well as legally eSigned documentation for reporting purposes.”

Task Management

Task Management was built to be a solution for governance professionals to manage and distribute pertinent tasks within the platform. Task Management will dramatically increase productivity for board administrators, corporate secretaries, and general counsel. 

task-managementThese tasks may come from the board to the executives or may simply be used internally by admins to help with the creation of meeting materials. A one-page dashboard that allows administrators to see all outstanding and completed tasks in an instant will help with efficiency. To further integrate all aspects of the meeting cycle into the Govenda platform, these tasks can be imported directly into the meeting minutes.

“Gone are the days of needing sticky notes or separate emails to assign out tasks from a board meeting,” says Govenda CEO, Marion Lewis. “The Task Management feature allows for seamless creation and assigning of tasks before, during, or after a board meeting. Adding this tool to our users’ arsenal will considerably improve the effectiveness of board and committee meetings.”

Enhanced Agenda Building Functionality

Govenda’s user-friendly platform got even easier to use in 2019. There are now two agenda building methods available to all Govenda Admins: Classic and Enhanced which give our administrators multiple options for adding documents to an agenda and even more configurability. This coupled with new design and the addition of new ways to create agendas is a shining example of Govenda’s commitment to staying on top of usability benchmarks and ensuring that our customers never have a stale or outdated platform.  

Shared Annotationsannotations

Shared Annotations is a user-friendly feature created to share document annotations in board meeting documents. This feature made its debut as a priority upgrade to the portal software in 2019 to increase board collaboration and communication. Board members now have the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with one another or opt to keep them for themselves with private annotations. Govenda board portal software understands the importance of uniting boards and organizations with the ability to collaborate. 

Streamline Meeting and Agenda Creation with the “Clone” Function

In an effort to save time and create efficient processes, Govenda released the “clone” function for Agendas and Meetings. Board meetings often have the same structure or are in the same place, so Govenda has made creating those meetings and agendas even easier. Admins can now spend less time building unique agenda structures or filling in meeting details. Starting with a cloned meeting or agenda and simply swapping out documents for the more updated versions makes a daunting agenda-building process much smoother. 

Multi-Day Meetings

Multi-day Meetings may seem like a small functionality upgrade, but it means the world to our clients! Admins can now schedule multi-day meetings, keeping all of the information and details in a central location. 

A Bright Future with Govenda Board Portal Software

board-portal-softwareGovenda board portal software prides itself on providing our customers with the functionality they just can’t achieve elsewhere. Our unlimited user model promotes the ultimate collaborative experience matched with a cost-effective solution. Govenda board portal software users also share the same experience across all devices with the latest release and updates on fully functional mobile applications.

In 2020, Govenda board portal software will continue to innovate with input from corporate governance professionals to enhance the way board meetings and preparation are experienced. Centered around security and collaboration, Govenda ensures a seamless and intuitive experience trusted by companies worldwide.

Are you interested in learning more about the award-winning Govenda board portal software? Let’s start the conversation today! 

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